HYGIENE is the foundation of our studio. The safety and satisfaction of our customers is a priority. Below are the rules and regulations we go by...

THE NEEDLES we use for tattooing and piercing are used one time only and after the operation they are placed into special medical containers for utilization.

TOOLS for each operations are chemically disinfected in disinfection tubs using ECOLAB'S SEKUSEPT. The next step of tool sterilization is an ultrasound bath. And the last stage is sterilization in AUTOKLAW, which is pressure sterilization, where 130 degrees Celsius kill any bacterium, viruses or fungus including HBV and HIV that might survive the earlier processes of sterilization.

All tools are placed into MEDIPACKS which have AUTOKLAW sterilization tests and are opened in the presence of the customer just before the operation. We also use ECOLAB'S SKINMAN SCRUB for hand sterilization and each procedure is done in one time latex gloves. For disinfection of the customers skin we use ETAPROBEN.

Beside that are studio is disinfected using products specially designed for it. To top it all off we use ultraviolet lamps between sessions and at night to ensure that no bacterium exist.

Upholding these rules and caring for Your health is our professional and moral obligation.