What are tattoos? From the dawn of day man treated his body as an unfinished masterpiece. He wanted to show his inner self according to his beliefs and who he is. Many centuries ago people living far away from each other, in different parts of the world, agreed that "tattoos are much deeper than they seem", because the ink, pigments of all sort are not absorbed by skin...but rather surface from the soul.

Talking about tattoos and other forms of adornment of body, we must take into consideration the tradition of this phenomenon and that "we" the people living in this part of the world are but a drop in the history of tattooing. "White man" rediscovered this art in the XIX century. It was known in europe long before, but by a culture so egocentric, thought to be barbarian and primitive...

The spark of renewal were the minds of people (pioneers of the art) more open then most of our world, hungry for exotics and new phenomena. Shortly speaking the body is like clothes given to us by God or whatever higher power that created us. So we should take care of it and try to shape it, give it such a form so that we can live in harmony with ourselves.

So rise above this grey reality and start screamming: MIND AND BODY ARE ONE!!!!

STONEHEADS. We are one of those who treat tattooing not as a fashion but as a form of expression, which should be given a much bigger dimension than is generally accepted.


PIERCING - Earrings in their traditional form are generally accepted as a form of body adornment.It has become one of the main markers in a widely accuring style of body modification. Among us are people for whom Piercing has become an art which brings such form, deeply rooted in the subconscious and creating a conclusion of man's desires, longings and imaginations, to life... The most important goal of this transformation is to see your body as an unfinished masterpiece. Because that is how our ancestors saw it, our creator gave us this shell for us to feel "at home" in it. We come across all different kinds of piercings through the ages in almost every ethnic culture. Piercing is a great tool for showing personality types and the character of the doing.

STONEHEADS Studio does a majority of piercings,starting with the traditional and most popular: EAR: Standard Lobe, Conch, Tragus, Tunnels, Rook, Daith, Helix, Industrial... EYEBROW: Standard Eyebrow,Horizontal Eyebrow,Eyebrow Ring, Anti Eyebrow... NASAL: Standard Nostrill, Septum,Bridge, Nasallang, Vertical Bridge... LIP: Standard Labret, Lip Ring,Madonna, Horizontal Lips, Lowbrets... etc. to the less popular and more complicated: Genital: Christina, Isabella, Clitoral, Apadravya, Ampallang, Frenum, Gulche, Prince Albert, Dydoe... and much much more. We use WILDCAT jewelry, they are of the best quality and used by most piercers around the world. As people who are involved in this form of modification would say "the only boundry is your own imagination"