Regulations of Studio

Regulations of Stoneheads Tattoo & Piercing Studio


1.The customer is obliged to read the rules of the studio.

2.Rules for sign-ups:
2.1. Reservation of a tattoo appointment can be made in person at the studio, through Facebook, Instagram or by email.
2.2. Each tattoo is priced individually. Its price depends on the size and complexity of the project and the time needed to complete the design or individually predetermined amount. Pricing is done by the studio or Artist individually.
2.3 The date of tattooing is determined when you sign up.
2.4 To reserve an appointment, you must make a deposit payment in person at the studio or by bank transfer, the details for which can be obtained by contacting the studio or the Artist.  The amount of the deposit must be paid no later than 2. working days from the time of mutual agreement on the date of the session.
2.5 The minimum amount of non-refundable deposit is 100 PLN, but depending on the size of the project or the time of execution of the tattoo, it may be higher.
2.5 The deposit is collected by the studio on behalf of the Artist or the Artist directly.
2.6 Making a deposit is tantamount to acceptance of the terms and conditions of Stoneheads Tattoo & Piercing Gdańsk studio.
2.7 Refund of the deposit is possible in the case of fault on the part of the studio or the Artist.
2.8 Refunds of the deposit in cases other than the fault of the studio or the Artist will be considered individually.
2.9 The date of tattooing can be changed without loss of deposit once, up to 48. hours (2 days) before the agreed date of tattooing. Changing the date in less than 2 days is equivalent to loss of previously paid deposit.
2.10. Failure to keep the session date without prior notice will result in loss of the deposit. Reservation of another date requires payment of another deposit.
2.11. The artist has the right to cancel or reschedule the appointment, if there are changes in the body that make it impossible to perform the tattoo, or the physical condition of the client or the state of the skin makes it impossible to perform the procedure.
2.12. Changing the appointment through no fault of the artist may also result in loss of deposit.

3. Rules concerning the design of the tattoo and its execution:
3.1 The prepared design and tattoo is copyrighted. Copying is strictly prohibited.
3.2 The artist interprets the tattoo design based on the description, examples or references of the client. Thus, the customer has the right to free consultation on the project in the studio or through direct contact with the Artist.
3.3 The design may be subject to correction on the day of the tattoo. Making corrections and adjusting the design is included in the session time.
3.4 The tattoo design is presented on the day of the procedure. In special situations it is possible to present the design at an earlier date, but this requires individual arrangements with the Artist and the conditions of his work.
3.5 In a situation where the client requests a tattoo other than the one discussed on the day of enrollment, the Artist has the right to refuse the tattoo without giving any reason.
3.6 The tattoo is an artistic craft and the final result may differ from the presented design.
3.7 The artist has the right to modify the established design during the procedure, if in his opinion it is necessary and will clearly agree with the client.
3.8 The artist is not responsible for the way the dyes behave on the body, due to the extensive healing process of skin tissue.4. studio rules:

4.1 Before the treatment, the client is required to complete the statement „Form for the client confirming consent to the treatment.” with the presentation of an identity card. The statement is located in the studio and the client fills it out before the session.
4.2 The studio ensures proper hygiene prevailing in the studio and sterility of tools and materials used for the treatment.
4.3 The client shall not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or other psychoactive or intoxicating agents during the treatment.
4.4 If the Artist agrees, the client may bring an accompanying person with him in exceptional cases. In a situation that does not require an accompanying person during the treatment, only those undergoing the treatment may be in the treatment room.
4.5 It is strictly prohibited in the studio to smoke tobacco products, consume alcohol, drugs or other psychoactive or intoxicating substances.
4.6 It is strictly forbidden to touch any objects located at the Artist’s station.
4.7 It is forbidden to eat in the treatment area. The prohibition covers the entire treatment room, meals may be consumed in the waiting room.
4.8. If the tattoo requires the removal of clothing, the client has the right to ask for the separation of the treatment area with a screen. Due to the need for adequate tension of the skin, at the tattoo site, the Artist has the right to request to expose a larger part of the body or remove the clothing/underwear in question to facilitate the work.
4. 4.9. Any requests, complaints or complaints, please send only to the email address or on the Facebook page located at: Otherwise, claims are automatically considered null and void and will not be considered.

 5.The studio performs treatments for minors only with the consent of a parent/legal guardian.
In the case of minors, the presence of a legal guardian is required when signing up, signing the consent and the treatment itself. Written consent from a legal guardian is acceptable, but the person must be at least 16 years old(ONLY for piercings). In the case of tattooing, the person must be at least 17 years of age and the procedure must be performed IN THE ATTENTION of a parent or legal guardian. A document proving the relationship between the persons in question is required.
The artist is authorized to refuse a tattoo to a minor without giving a reason.

6. The procedure is performed voluntarily and at your own risk.
The artist is not responsible for complications resulting from the procedure or poor care of a fresh tattoo or piercing.

7. tattooing is an artistic craft.

Tattoo is a custom-made commodity, the fee is non-refundable.

in the event of a significant defect in the tattoo:
– you are entitled to a free correction of the affected part (except for hands, fingers and top of the feet or in the case of tattoo on scars or non-compliance with the tattooist’s instructions) after full healing of the tattoo, but no later than 90 days (3 months) after its execution.

9 The artist may stop performing the procedure if:
– the client’s well-being visibly deteriorates or the condition of his skin may affect the tattoo.

10.The performance of tattooing and piercing involves consent to take a photo after the procedure is completed.

10.1 The artist has the right to take a photo or video immortalizing the tattoo or piercing in question and possible publication in the press, social networks and to use for marketing purposes.
10.2 Photos of certain areas, such as hips, sternum, ribs, etc. often require exposure of intimate areas to properly show the entire tattoo. By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree to present the tattoo while taking the photo in the manner indicated by the artist. The artist agrees to publish the tattoo in a manner that does not directly show intimate areas or uncensored.
10.3 The studio and the Artist reserve the copyright to the photos taken and photos of works sent by customers.

11.The customer is obliged to follow the rules of healing of fresh tattoo/piercing.

11.1 The recommended healing and care process is communicated by the Artist after the procedure performed verbally and in writing.
11.2 The Studio has cosmetics specifically designed for the care of fresh tattoo and piercing.
11.3 The Studio is not responsible for any possibly occurring migration of piercings, complications arising from hooking the piercing or negligence related to care and hygiene of the wound.

11. 11.4 Any complaints after it is found that the tattooist’s instructions are not followed will be rejected, and the correction of such tattoo will be charged.
11.5 The studio reserves the right not to be responsible for the consequences of non-compliance with the rules of care during the healing process of tattooing and piercing. Consultation after another piercer or in case of non-compliance is chargeable.
11.6 If you have any doubts about the healing of your tattoo or piercing, please contact us in person, by phone, through Facebook or Instagram or by email or directly with the Artist.
11.7 After the tattoo is fully healed, it is recommended to come to the studio for inspection.
11.8 Both tattoo artist and piercer have the right to refuse to perform the procedure without giving any reason.
11.9. When performing tattoo on hard to heal areas(fingers, top of the hand, top of the feet, ear, face, lip) and on scars and skin lesions, the studio is not responsible for potential breakout or non-acceptance of ink, poor healing and infection and any correction in such a situation is chargeable.

12 Vouchers

12.1 A gift voucher can be redeemed only for the services of Stoneheads Tatoo & Piercing Gdansk studio.
12.2 The voucher for the performance of the treatment can be purchased in person at the studio, and their minimum value is 100 zł or on our website in the tab
12.3 From the moment the voucher is handed over to the purchaser, the studio is not responsible for its destruction or loss.
12.4 The voucher can be used for tattooing or piercing, and its expiration date is 12 months from the date of purchase.
12.5 The voucher can be transferred to another person, but beforehand you should consult with the studio.
12.6 The gift voucher can only be used by one person.
12.7 When the value of the service is less than on the amount of the Voucher, the customer is not entitled to receive change.
12.8 The Voucher is not refundable or exchangeable for cash.